Managing Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Managing Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

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Are you fascinated by the inner workings of a healthcare organization? An MHA is designed to provide the kind of human resource management, business finance, and regulatory compliance skills it takes to manage the business side of healthcare.

Find a program to provide you with the healthcare administration skills you’ve always wanted.

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Leonard H. Friedman on Healthcare Administration

Leonard H. Friedman, director of the Master of Health Administration programs and professor at the George Washington University, joins us today to discuss health care administration.

MHA vs MBA Differences

Healthcare administration gets confusing because the people who run larger healthcare facilities are often referred to as administrators. These kinds of confusions make it extremely important that a professional understands the differences between management and administration before getting too deeply into their career. You may find that you have chosen the wrong side and may have to restart your career to get it right.

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Salaries for Some of Our Favorite Healthcare Administration Careers

#1 Hospital CEO

A hospital CEO (chief executive officer) oversees an entire hospital or multi-facility hospital system, with a hand in everything from daily operations to high-level system-wide decision making.

Median Salary: $100,980

#2 Chief Nursing Officer

Also referred to as a director of nursing, the chief nursing officer is responsible for overseeing an entire nursing department.

Median Salary: $166,410

#3 Healthcare Actuary

Healthcare actuaries, who are generally employed by an insurance company or self-insured medical group, oversee and evaluate financial risk in an effort to determine accurate insurance plan pricing.

Median Salary: $108,350

#4 Health Informatics Manager

Health informatics managers collect, process, and analyze clinical data concerning everything from treatment plans and patient outcomes to infection rates and billing.

Median Salary: $148,290

#5 Pharmaceutical Product Rep

Product reps that oversee the marketing efforts for the latest drugs to be granted FDA approval are responsible for the complete financial and administrative management of the marketing and sales process.

Median Salary: $138,950

#6 Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators manage and direct the medical services for a hospital to ensure efficiency, quality and profitability.

Median Salary: $110,430

#7 Medical Practice Manager

Medical practice managers oversee the financial and regulatory management of a medical practice.

Median Salary: $91,600

#8 HR Managers in Healthcare

HR Managers lend their talents to large companies and healthcare networks to direct hiring and training practices, and ensure staff are allocated to departments in sufficient numbers and at the proper time and place to meet demand.

Median Salary: $99,380.

#9 Healthcare Consultant

Health care consultants are tasked with examining the key issues that may stand in the way of efficient and effective staff and operations management in a healthcare organization. Median Salary $76,540

Median Salary: $76,540

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(May 2019,U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics salary estimates are based on national data for medical and health services managers (, as well as computer and information system managers (, actuaries (, chief executives (, marketing managers (, HR managers (, and budget analysts ( in healthcare and related industries. Salary data does not reflect school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed November 2020)