Manage the Entire Operation

Manage the Entire Operation

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Are you fascinated by the inner workings of a healthcare organization? An MHA will provide you with the in-depth instruction necessary to help manage the entire operation.

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Leonard H. Friedman on Healthcare Administration

Leonard H. Friedman, director of the Master of Health Administration programs and professor at the George Washington University, joins us today to discuss health care administration.

MHA vs MBA Differences

Healthcare administration gets confusing because the people who run larger healthcare facilities are often referred to as administrators. These kinds of confusions make it extremely important that a professional understands the differences between management and administration before getting too deeply into their career. You may find that you have chosen the wrong side and may have to restart your career to get it right.

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Top Paying Healthcare Careers of the Future

#1 Chief Nursing Officer

This role also can be called Director of Nursing. You are responsible for the management of an entire nursing department, and is generally regarded as the highest-paying nursing career. You will probably need to have a Master of Science in Nursing, or a Master of Health Administration.

Average salary: $173,000

#2 Hospital CEO

A hospital CEO is responsible for the entire management and operation of a hospital. In most cases, he or she will report to a board of directors, and is responsible for ensuring that the hospital is run in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Average salary: $135,000

#3 Health Care Actuary

You will work for an insurance company or a self-insured medical group. You are responsible for the evaluation and the minimization of financial risks to your organization. The work focuses on the determination of proper pricing for insurance plans by properly analyzing external risk factors.

Average salary: $114,000

#4 Health Informatics Manager

You will be responsible for the collection, handling and processing of clinical information for all types of purposes. You will need to handle patient information, billion information, and various types of information that ensure medical quality. Through the use of the latest data analysis techniques, you will be able to make informed decisions about how to best organize all types of medical, patient and financial data in your organization.

Average salary: $93,000

#5 Pharmaceutical Project Manager

A manager of pharmaceutical projects is responsible for ensuring the complete financial and administrative management of the project is done in as efficient a manner as possible.

Average salary: $93,000

#6 Hospital Administrator

This is one of the fastest growing types of medical and health service managers in the country. As a hospital administrator, you will manage and direct the medical services for your hospital, department or clinical organization. Hospital administrators work to boost the efficiency and quality in delivering all types of health care services in their organization. You also may provide supervision of assistant administrators in a hospital that is big enough to need them.

Average salary: $82,000

#7 Health Care Consultant

You are responsible for coming into a healthcare facility and to identify key issues that are preventing the efficient financial operation of the health care organization. You might design software or products that can lead to higher satisfaction for patients. Or, you may come up with a new system that can cut down on billing times, and increase financial efficiency in the organization.

Average salary: $65,000

#8 Wellness Director

Typically, you will work in a large health care network that has many facilities that support health and wellness. The director manages the efficiency of health and wellness programs, which leads to higher worker productivity, less use of health insurance, and lower costs for the organization.

Average salary: $173,000.

#9 Medical Practice Manager

You will be responsible for the personnel, bookkeeping and all front desk functions in a medical practice. Typically, you will report to the director of the practice and will lead the staff on all necessary initiatives in the office. You are in charge of both the financial and the regulatory management of the practice.

Average salary: $60,000

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