9+ MHA Scholarships for Masters in Healthcare Administration Students

scholarshipsHealthcare administration scholarships are great things to strive for because they take the financial strain off of paying for your education. Another good reason to get scholarships is because they can look good on your resume. If you were fortunate enough to qualify for an educational scholarship from a prestigious source, then that would look very good to a potential employer on your resume.

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When it comes to applying for scholarships, you should apply for as many as you can. Not only does it increase your chances of getting some kind of financial help because of the sheer number of applications you sent out, but it also gets your name circulating with these organizations. You never know when name recognition can help you to get an internship, a scholarship or even a job in the healthcare field.

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There are hundreds of scholarships you could apply for, but applying takes time. You will need to limit your list of applications, but there are certain scholarships that need to be on that list. These are the scholarships that can offer you that financial help along with the potential exposure that we discussed earlier.

  1. Corris Boyd Scholarship – The Corris Boyd Scholarship honors a man who dedicated his life to developing diversity in the healthcare industry. It is a scholarship that was developed to honor a man who died much too young, but left his mark as a dynamic leader in the healthcare field. There are two scholarships given out to two separate students who display the same kind of leadership qualities that Corris Boyd displayed. Each scholarship is worth $40,000, which can go a long way towards helping with those tuition bills. The award is paid in four installments over the course of two years. There is an extensive application process that includes an essay along with letters of recommendation.
  2. David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship -There will be ten scholarships awarded to ten separate students that will be worth $10,000 each. This is a scholarship that is reserved for students who have experience in administration at the federal or state government levels. The application process requires an essay, grade transcripts and two letters of nomination. After the awards are announced, the winners will spend one day in Washington, D.C. at an educational seminar for healthcare administration professionals.
  3. Transamerica Retirements Solutions Leaders In Healthcare Scholarship – This is a scholarship that gets a lot of attention from students and potential employers. The Transamerica name is what gets the attention of the employers and the $5,000 scholarship award is what brings in the students. This $5,000 award is one of the more prestigious scholarships in the healthcare administration industry.
  4. The application process includes letters of recommendation, a full application to be completed and several essays. There is also a phone interview that each applicant will have to complete.
  5. Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship – The Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship is usually set aside for students who need financial assistance in paying for their education. Each scholarship is worth up to $5,000 and multiple scholarships are awarded each year. Foster G. McGaw founded the American Hospital Supply Corporation and was a supporter of graduate studies.
  6. The application process requires an essay and three letters of recommendation. You will also need to include your transcripts and a full resume of your healthcare related accomplishments.
  7. New Careers In Nursing Scholarship – The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsors this program which awards scholarships of up to $10,000 to eligible candidates in advanced nursing classes. This program awards scholarships to up to 400 nursing students, which makes it one of the more comprehensive nursing scholarship programs in the country. Nursing students can get all of their application information directly from their nursing school’s financial aid office.
  8. Tylenol Scholarship – Anything with the marketing punch of Tylenol is going to be popular. In this instance, the name Tylenol has been placed on a scholarship offered to healthcare administration students. The program offers a variety of awards that run from $1,000 per student all the way up to $10,000 per student. The complete program reserves 40 scholarships to give away in total.
  9. The applicant must be enrolled in a healthcare graduate program and be a resident of the United States or one of its territories. There is an online application process that is only the beginning of what winds up being a comprehensive application.
  10. Gates Millennium Scholarship -This is the healthcare scholarship funded by billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. The entire program offers a broad range of scholarships that cover a wide variety of disciplines within the field of healthcare administration and management. Typically, the Gates Foundation awards approximately 1,000 scholarships each year to graduate and undergraduate students. The application process begins in early summer and the materials needed will depend on which field you are applying for.
  11. F. Edward Ebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program – Many healthcare graduate students make the decision to join the military and take advantage of the financial incentives that are offered. The military will pay all of your tuition, pay for all of your books and materials, pay you a $2,000 per month stipend and a $20,000 signing bonus. The requirement is that you serve one year in the military for every year of scholarship you receive. The one bonus that people enjoy with this program is that they also get practical training and experience while in the military. The military is rapidly becoming the way that many healthcare professionals get their education.
  12. New England HIMSS Scholarship – This is sponsored by the New England chapter of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Foundation, also known as the HIMSS Foundation. The first scholarship awarded was in 2005. It is a scholarship worth up to $5,000 and you must be an HIMSS member to apply. This organization is one of the leaders in healthcare information systems innovation. If that is your chosen field within healthcare, then this is the organization you should join.

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