24+ Most Widely Read Journals in Healthcare

MagazinesHealthcare professionals who want to stay up to date with everything that is going on in the industry set aside time every day to read the latest editions of the top medical journals. Whether you are a medical professional looking for the most recent breakthroughs in research or a healthcare administrator who is trying to keep up on the latest medical equipment, you will find value in the most widely read journals in healthcare.

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  1. Harvard Health Journal -The staff at Harvard University is widely renowned for their research and medical insights. This journal publishes all of the latest findings from Harvard and other prestigious medical research institutions and allows readers to stay on the cutting edge of medical research.
  2. Annual Review Of Public Health – This is a publication that combines the need for better public health systems with an analysis of the social circumstances under which those systems work. It has articles on a variety of topics from all over the world that give insights on how medicine is affecting the world around it.
  3. American Journal Of Preventative Medicine – When you want to know about the latest in intervention, this is the publication to turn to. It is published as way to alert medical professionals about the latest methods in preventing the formation conditions as well as a way to help advance the understanding of why people do damage to themselves.
  4. Drug Safety – If you work in the healthcare industry, then Drug Safety is a mandatory read. It examines the benefits and risks of new and existing drugs. It also takes a look at the effectiveness of public drug policies and offers suggestions on ways to improve policy and use medication to help society.
  5. Medical Care – This is a great publication for healthcare administrators because it primarily deals with the process of medical research. It offers insight into the side of research that deals with finding the right equipment and processes to achieve medical goals.
  6. Journal Of Adolescent Health – This is a comprehensive journal that deals with developmental medical research. It not only helps in identifying new procedures used to treat pediatric conditions, but it also offers insight into the various aspects of behavioral studies, which include medical support staff and administrative duties.
  7. American Journal Of Public Health – This is one of the oldest publications in the United States that deals with just about every aspect of public health. It includes articles on public policy, research, treatment and the study of how healthcare affects the population. This is considered by many experts to be the top American medical journal available.
  8. Epidemiologic Reviews – The study of epidemiology has impacts all over the world. Epidemiologic Reviews deals with the study of epidemiology as it pertains to cultures throughout the planet. It is not limited to one region or one country, which is what makes it so popular.
  9. Bulletin Of The World Health Organization – The World Health Organization is one of the most comprehensive and respected international healthcare organizations in the world. This regularly published journal offers insights into the international condition of everything from medical research to the state of healthcare administration in developing nations.
  10. Environmental Research – The topics of public health and ecology are the primary focuses of this publication. It deals with how environmental conditions affect the quality of healthcare and vice-versa. This is essential reading for the healthcare administrator who wants to have an understanding of the medical world around him.
  11. Preventative Medicine – Preventative Medicine is one of the foremost authorities on the study of public health and the programs designed to prevent disease. It covers a wide variety of topics including heart disease, cancer and a long list of pediatric conditions that could be prevented through proper diet and hygiene.
  12. Mayo Clinic Proceedings – A journal that outlines, in detail, the workings of one of the foremost medical research organizations in the world is a good read for anyone in the healthcare industry. This publication sticks to the Mayo Clinic and its research, which is more than enough information for one person to process.
  13. American Journal Of Hospice And Palliative Medicine – Hospice is not something that anyone likes to think about, but it is a major part of our healthcare system. This journal is especially valuable to healthcare administrators who run hospice organizations and want to know the latest in medical procedures and equipment.
  14. The Lancet – This is one of those healthcare publications that has been around so long that it has become the standard by which all other publications are measured. You will find a wide variety of medical information in this publication from some of the top medical minds in the world.
  15. British Medical Journal – The British Medical Journal has been around for a very long time and it prides itself on offering the most valuable and current medical information available. This publication deals primarily with medical research, but it also offers good articles on treatment options and the latest in medical equipment from time to time.
  16. Journal Of The American Medical Association – JAMA has become another one of those journals that has set the standard by which all other journals are measured. It deals a lot in medical policy as well as breakthroughs in medical research. This should be required reading for every healthcare administrator in the United States.
  17. New England Journal Of Medicine – The New England Journal of Medicine has a long history of reporting breakthroughs in surgical procedures and prescription medications that have cured significant diseases. Most medical professionals read about new life-saving procedures for the first time in this journal.
  18. Annals Of Internal Medicine – This is a widely-read journal about medications and procedures that have been discovered to help treat and prevent a variety of conditions that deal most with the digestive system. But there are also a significant amount of articles dedicated to other breakthroughs in medicine that have become valuable to readers all over the world.
  19. Journal Of Clinical Investigation – A significant portion of the training that any medical professional or healthcare administrator goes through focuses on the comprehensive process involved in treatment or running an organization. This is a journal that offers new ways of diagnosing issues and looking at a variety of medical treatments.
  20. Medical Journal Of Australia – As with the British Medical Journal and the JAMA, this is one of the more respected international medical journals available. It offers insight from medical professionals all over the world, while also giving a comprehensive look into research done in Australia.
  21. Health Services Research Journal – This is a journal that offers insight into innovating research procedures, along with a comprehensive view of the latest tools and medical research equipment available.
  22. Remedy – Every healthcare professional should spend some time reading Remedy. There is a wide variety of clinical studies and real-life situations offered in this valuable publication.
  23. The Physician and Sports Medicine – This is a publication that deals primarily with medicine as it applies to health and fitness. The title can be a bit deceiving because it deals with more than just sports medicine. It has a lot of valuable articles that outline the benefits of diet and exercise.
  24. BMC Pediatrics – There are several medical journals that deal with pediatrics, but this is one of the more detailed publications in the field. It offers insight into treatment methods as well as regular studies on the effects of good medical policy on the development of children.
  25. Journal Of Aging And Health – As the American population continues to age at a rapid rate, this publication will help medical professionals to stay current on new research and treatment methods.

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