3 Technologies That Are Going to Radically Change Healthcare

It is quite amazing to think about just how primitive medical technology was a few decades ago. How did human beings manage to survive? Well, they did, but note that the average lifespan for men  just 100 years ago was a mere 46.2 years.

When our grandparents were children, doctors were still smoking during office visits, and you might have been prescribed a shot of whiskey for one of your ailments!

The good news is that we have progressed very far from those days. In the last half century, computer technology and the Internet have allowed health care professionals to do many life saving procedures that would have been impossible a few decades ago.

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Just as with tablets and smartphones, modern medicine continues to develop quickly. Soon, we think that getting good medical care or dealing with a chronic health problem could be possible without ever going to the doctor at all.

Many of the leaders of this new technology revolution in medicine are very motivated, young, and some look like they just got out of college. Still, some of these concepts that are being developed will assure that lives are saved, and will make medicine more affordable for everyone.

The infographic below discusses three health care entrepreneurs who are going to change the face of health care in the world.


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