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floridaWith the rising economic burdens of tough financial times, many people are considering switching careers, as well as choosing another part of the country to relocate to. A popular consideration is the state of Florida.

For many retirees, Florida has always been a popular retirement destination. The lack of winter is enough for many people, but the warm summers only add to the allure. According to the State of Florida webpage, there are approximately 1000 people that move to the state everyday. The fact that the state also has a low tax burden relative to other states is also an attractive draw. They are the fifth lowest state of all fifty states. The state sales tax is only 6%, but the state income tax is 0. This can make a significant difference to the paycheck of many professionals.

According to the US Census Bureau, the population in Florida is increasing at a higher rate than it is in the United States overall. While the country sees population growth of 1.7% over the last two years, the state of Florida has seen population growth of 2.7%. In addition, where those 65 years old and over make up 13.7% of the U.S. population, they make up 18.2% of the population of Florida. This larger concentration of senior citizens shows why the health care field is an especially good choice in the state of Florida. The increasing reliance on the medical services as the population matures will continue to make Florida an attractive location for health care professionals.

Florida Master’s in Healthcare Administration

For those interested in advancing their education as well, the following choices for universities in Florida that offer programs for those interested in health care administration are listed. These options include:

  • University of Florida – Master of Health Administration – The degree offered under the College of Public Health and Health Professions, prepares students to work at many positions within health-related organizations. They provide close ties to practice.
  • University of South Florida – Master of Health Administration – This program provides both classroom and field experience. The thorough education curriculum covers all aspects of professional management, plus the added knowledge of the healthcare field and how those environments differ from typical industry.
  • University of Central Florida – Master of Science in Health Sciences with a Track in Health Services Administration – They offer this program as well as an online program. They provide for core classes as well as electives that comprise the HSA track specialization.
  • Florida International University – MBA in Healthcare Management – The experiences in this program are designed to prepare future leaders for the particular challenges that face healthcare organizations. This program offers online options in addition to classroom on-campus settings.

Medical and Health Services Manager Employment in Florida

The popularity of Florida as a retirement destination also makes it a very good choice for location when looking for a career in health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on employment within this industry. Within the state of Florida, there are almost 700,000 people working in various aspects of the health care industry. With a total employment in the state of just over 7,000,000 people, almost 1 in 10 work in this industry.

The national forecast for those looking at health care administration careers will like to see that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Outlook Handbook projects the outlook for these positions to be well above average. For the period 2010-2020, they anticipate that the growth in the availability of these jobs will increase 22%. That national number would surely be matched in Florida, where the aging retiree population will continue high demands for quality health care.

Employers of Healthcare Administration Professionals in Florida

Baptist Health Care

  • Address:  1000 West Moreno St, Pensacola, FL 32501-7500
  • Telephone: (850) 434-4011
  • Website

Besides being a highly regarded hospital system in the state of Florida, this hospital was also on Fortune Magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” They enjoy a history of being awarded for excellent employee training programs, which ensures more productive, satisfied workers.

Florida Hospital

  • Address:  601 East Rollins St, Orlando, FL  32803
  • Telephone: (407) 303-5600
  • Website

This hospital location is part of a network called Adventist Health System that includes 23 unique hospital locations throughout Florida. They have specializations of many fields, as well as institutes for cancer, cardiovascular,diabetes, neuroscience, orthopedics, and transplant services.

Orlando VA Medical Center

  • Address:  5201 Raymond St, Orlando, FL 32803
  • Telephone:  (407) 629-1599
  • Website

The state of Florida is one of the four states with the most number of Veterans living there. Because of this, the VA is an important institution for those needing and relying on these services for survival. Along with California, Texas, and Pennsylvania, the other of the top four states, a large population is looking for quality health services. These necessitate trained professionals managing the operations, in order to get the most benefit for the allocated funds as possible. There are many other facilities within the VA network elsewhere in Florida as well.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee

  • Address:  1675 Riggins Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308
  • Telephone: (850) 656-4800
  • Website

This inpatient rehabilitation hospital includes 76 beds that includes a variety of inpatient and outpatient services for rehabilitation of all kinds, as well as a sleep lab for the testing of sleep disorders. This location is part of the larger HealthSouth Rehabilitation network, which includes many other locations through the state of Florida.

Florida Healthcare Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants


  • Corris Boyd Scholarship – This scholarship established to improve diversity as well as supporting excellence in leadership. This program offers 2- $40,000 scholarships to minority students entering a graduate program in healthcare management.
  • ACMPE Scholarship Fund – This 501c3 charitable organization was established to support growth and advancement of the profession of healthcare leadership. These scholarships are not available for clinical or medical professions, but only to those seeking administrative positions within healthcare.
  • Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship – Available to those students in good standing and associates of American College of Healthcare Executives. There is also a requirement of full-time study status and finishing the final year of a management graduate program in health care administration.
  • Health Services Administration Alumni Chapter Scholarship – Must be enrolled at University of Central Florida and be a part of the masters program within health services administration, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, and ability to demonstrate involvement in leadership positions, organizations, and community service.

Fellowships & Grants

  • Administrative Fellowship Program at Tampa General Hospital – This top ranked fellowship is part of the not-for-profit hospital. It ranks highly in adult specialties and is ranked number one in Florida. This position completes their degree through the University of South Florida while working shifts at Tampa General Hospital conducting duties of these administrative positions.
  • Malcolm Randall Fellowship in Health Care Administration Fund – Students entering a degree program specializing in hospital administration are eligible for this fellowship. This is part of the University of Florida Foundation and caters to University of Florida programs and studies.
  • Stuart A Wesbury, Jr. Postgraduate Fellowship – These positions are for students interested in healthcare management. Provides one-on-one exposure to senior executives and gain experience by taking responsibility for various primary duties of the position. Also must have earned a graduate degree in healthcare management from an accredited college or university.

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