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If you’re considering a Masters in Healthcare Administration in the state of California, you need this information below.

The lure of sun and beaches is enough to make many people consider the state of California as a potential state for relocation for a personal or career change. There are parts of the state that are highly populated and very expensive to live in, but also many areas that are less congested and more reasonably priced.

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In addition to the weather and location, California happens to be the state with the highest population of all the states in the United States. For service industries, having such a supply of citizens to use those services is ideal.

When looking at the fastest growing occupations in California, as listed by the Employment Development Department, 9 of the 15 fastest growing occupations are within the field of healthcare.They include:

  • Home Health Aides
  • Personal Care Aides
  • EMT and Paramedics
  • Medical Scientists
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

as well as other medical related providers. This growing rate, each with anticipated annual growth rates of over 30 percent, indicates a strong expected growth rate in California healthcare services overall.

If a career change is in mind, the wide availability of colleges and universities around the state provide many options for returning to school for advanced degrees in health care administration. This would be a great way to get a new start in a new location while working towards a better future career.

California Master’s in Healthcare Administration

There are many options in a state as large as California for pursuing a master’s degree in health administration. The following list provides several examples of those choices.

  • California State University at Long Beach – Master of Science in Health Care Administration – Accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation for Health Management Education, they are nationally ranked as the top school for physician executives in 2012 by Modern Healthcare magazine. They provide a variety of degrees and specializations for prospective students interested in this field.
  • University of Southern California – Executive Master of Health Administration – This program is designed to train and prepare professionals to tackle the future healthcare’s issues with the best skills and bring about substantive and lasting change and improvement.
  • National University – Master of Healthcare Administration – Students of this program are trained in using analytical tools in order to assess the functioning of the relevant healthcare systems. By studying and solving problems, they will be best suited to face similar challenges in future employment situations. This course is available for complete online study.
  • University of Southern California Price – Master of Health Administration – With current changes to the health care system, the need for competent, educated administrators in control of these systems is more important than ever. This program aims to instruct the students in a very broad sense to get the most thorough grasp of the way healthcare systems operate and function.

Medical and Health Services Managers Employment in Arizona

The number of people working in various positions in the healthcare industry in the state of California is estimated to be around 1.1 million people. This is comprised of:

  • Medical and Health Services Managers
  • Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
  • Healthcare Support Occupations

The Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks down California healthcare employment into these three categories. For those interested in entering the healthcare administration degree programs, the medical and health services managers would most closely equate to those desired positions.

The state of California has the highest employment of medical and health services managers, just beating New York slightly. The estimation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and their Occupational Employment Statistics counts 26,690 such employed professionals, enjoying a annual mean wage of $113,810, which is slightly less than the pay for New York managers.

For the future outlook of medical and health services managers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides career specific forecasting of this particular career in its Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The expected future employment for this career is seen having a considerable growth rate of 22% through 2020, a much higher growth rate than average career forecasts. With the state of California being one of the largest states and having such a large population, it is reasonable to believe that the growth in this state will be at least as high as average. The favorable weather makes it even more appealing to retirees, who need the access to quality healthcare as they age, being another positive factor for this state.

Healthcare Employment in California

There are many employers of health care administrators in the state of California, with the following list being just some of the companies.

California Hospital Medical Center

  • Address: 1401 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • Telephone:  (213) 748-2411
  • Website

This downtown Los Angeles hospital is a 316-bed acute care facility that focuses on prevention of diseases through public information and community-based programs to share that information. They seek to offer consistent medical care for all members of the community, and conduct regular assessments of the needs for particular types of care within the various populations in their area.

Molina Healthcare

  • Address: 4001 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819
  • Telephone: (916) 453-4545
  • Website

Molina Healthcare is a provider of healthcare that caters to those with financial needs for health coverage. They provide health services for almost 4.3 million people and are able to do so from government funded programs. There are 15 states that Molina operates within, California being one of those.

United Health Group

  • Address: Sacramento, California
  • Website

United Health Group is another large insurance provider. They operate through many different business segments, such as OptumHealth, which delivers educational services to communities with goals of informing people of health topics. The healthcare insurance covered by this company provides a wide variety of employment and career options.

California Department of Health Care Services

  • Address:  Sacramento, California
  • Telephone:
  • Website

This department operates as a part of the California state system and provides health services and care for many of the specialized divisions of the human services for citizens of the state, known as the Systems of Care Division. These include children’s services, genetically handicapped, disability prevention, care coordination management, foster children and 115 other programs.

California Healthcare Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants


  • CalREACH Health Professions Education Foundation Scholarships – Scholarships are made available for a variety of studies within the healthcare field. Can include vocational nurses, and nurses pursuing associate or bachelor degrees in nursing, as well as health professionals education.
  • CampusRN California Nursing Scholarship – This scholarship is part of a nationwide program of CampusRN and each of six regions will each award a winner in that state among students pursuing work at one of the registered schools of nursing.
  • Kaiser Permanente RN Scholarships – The Deloras Jones Scholarship Program offers scholarships, for need and for merit, for nursing degree programs within California.
  • California Dream Act – These are bundles of scholarships that have been made available to California students interested in pursuing education within the California colleges and universities. This includes sources of state funded and non-state funded scholarships as well as grants and waivers for educational expenses.

Fellowships & Grants

  • Environmental Public Health Laboratory Fellowship Program – This is a program designed to give students experiences in actual scientific laboratories to prepare them for future careers in environmental pubic health. Their analysis focuses on prevention and control programs. It is a part of the Association of Public Health Laboratories.
  • CalGrant – These grants are awarded to students fro California high schools interested in attending a California Community College in the upcoming school year. The requirement includes a submitted GPA that enables them to be approved into the program.
  • CalGrant C – These scholarships include vocational, technical and occupational students. These programs include many that work in healthcare related fields, and applies to schools other than California Community Colleges.
  • Villers Fellowship for Health Care Justice – As a part of the mission of FamiliesUSA, and aims to prepare future leaders for health care justice. The goal is to ensure that there is guaranteed high-quality affordable health care for everyone.

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